Saturday, 27 June 2015

Healthy homemade guacamole

One thing I do not have much of, is time; another thing I have even less of is avocados.  I am aware of the many health benefits that they possess however cannot seem to get on with them.  I have tried them in many forms and still find myself throwing away at least half.  My main issue is with the consistency, it reminds me far too much of bananas but minus the delicious sweet flavour that I expect when I bite into one.

So the other day when thinking of something quick, easy and nutritious to have to dinner I began to think of guacamole.  I used to love buying packets of this and dipping in warm pitta breads, but since trying to avoid processed food of this kind I completely forgot about the enjoyment I got out of it. I then remembered the key ingredient used in this dip, avocado!  So in true ness style I looked into other favourable additions to accompany the avocado and got to whipping up my own version.

Now this took all in all about five minute to prepare and make, which is fantastic because as much as I love to eat, I am less happy about the preparation that is involved in cooking, especially when I am still struggling to get out the mindset of just cutting open a packet and turning the microwave dial.

I had mine with basic sweet potato wedges, which I made by chopping the sweet potato into chunks, drizzling some olive oil on top with some seasoning and putting in the oven for about 20 minutes. However it would go well with any kind of chopped veg, or as a butter alternative to spread on bread. 

I am still not convinced I have got over my aversion to avocados, but I am on the right track to getting their healthy fats into my diet.


This recipe makes two fairly large portions.

Two soft avocados (I used large organic ones)

Two limes (one if you are not a great fan of lime)

Five cherry tomatoes (more if preferred).

One tablespoon of olive oil

Salt (I use Himalayan pink mountain salt for the mineral benefits)

Chilli flakes (or you could chop fresh chilli if you aren’t as lazy as myself)




Cut the avocados in half, remove the stone and scoop out the middle

Mash the avocados with a fork to form a paste (the riper the avocado, the easier this is).

Chop the cherry tomatoes into tiny chunks

Add the juice of the limes to your avocados

Stir in the remaining ingredients

Separate into two bowls and enjoy!

I would suggest that this will only keep for a couple of days in the fridge and make sure it’s covered.


I would love you to share with me any other recipes using avocados that I could use.  Next up chocolate avocado mousse ©


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