Saturday, 13 June 2015

In the beginning

I have been meaning to start a blog for some time.  I have lost count of the amount of times people have told me that I should so what better time to start then now.

I should probably begin with explaining a little bit about myself and my lifestyle.
Food has always been a passion of mine, when i'm not eating, cooking or talking about food and diets i'm thinking about it and no, I am not just referring to the healthy kind. I am a self-confessed binge eater! I link this to anxiety issues, something which I battle with and which means its even more important for me to keep on top of my health.

Throughout my life so far I have been a range of shapes and sizes from a 16 right down to a tiny size 6/8 so I can relate to many others out there with size issues. I would like to think that I have now reached a steady size 10. To help with this I undertook some qualifications to become a nutritionist and weight loss practitioner and more recently a sports and exercise nutrition adviser.

 I adore reading blogs about healthy eating and even more so about fitness, however I often struggle to consistently follow many of the lifestyles of the bloggers I so fondly read about. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is so important to me yet can be such an uphill battle.  I want to show people that not everyone interested in staying healthy and fit can maintain such a flaw free diet and I fully to intend to document the highs, and lows that I endure.

 I wanted to create this blog to share with others my trials and tribulations of healthy eating and exercising.  I plan to include tips and tricks that i find useful and that make this way of life much more accessible and easy for others to as well.  The main reason for me to start this blog was to create a diary to help with my progress and give me the motivation I need to continue on my path to health and fitness, and, if others choose to read through and take some of my advice, well that's just a bonus. I shall be updating this regularly so keep a look out :)


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