Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Banana, rasberry and blueberry simple summer juice

Simple summer juice

While trying to get my body in the healthiest state as I possibly can in the short time window I have before my holiday I found myself missing that something sweet of an evening.  The other night I was rather thirsty and craving the good stuff when I decided to make a juice.  Not expecting much from it I shoved what I had in my fridge in my blender and devoured the finished article, and the result? Surprisingly good!  In fact so good I can see this becoming a firm favourite go to.  It reminds me of a cocktail (alcohol free of course) which, at this time of year is just what I need of a warm summer evening.  So here it is:


©       One medium banana

©       Large handful of blueberries

©       Handful of raspberry’s

©       One glass of coconut milk



©       Chop banana

©       Add ingredients to blender and wiz until smooth

Add more / less liquid to change consistency.

Sit back and enjoy, all you need now is a nice beach ;)

Feel free to send me emails / comments of your finished articles and any other delicious juice recipes you may have, I am always open to try something new.


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  1. I look forward to the benefits of juicing each day. I cannot imagine any other kind of drink that equals organic juice and the benefits it gives. icing


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